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Pam Jankoski

Sheboygan Massage Owner

Exceptional Massage Therapy, Customized for Your Needs

Massage Therapy is the oldest form of natural pain relief, used for centuries. Today, Massage Therapy is still one of the most effective natural pain relief solutions available. Pain relief is what we're known for, but there's so much more to it all! Relaxation; injury repair; neurological balancing; posture retraining; support for athletes, pregnancy, aging... Massage Therapy is amazing!


After beginning my massage career in 2001 & after moving around a bit, Sheboygan Massage was established in 2015. Seizing opportunity, we moved to our current location along Sheboygan's beautiful Riverfront in 2017. 


I am proud to share the studio with other well-trained & caring Massage Therapists. We are all like-minded & focused on providing an empowering source of body awareness and a natural health option for our community. 


For Every Body

relax. relieve. repair. 

Our Growing Team