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Prenatal & Postpartum

Each and every pregnancy is different. Pregnancy is such a beautiful phase of life, but it doesn't always feel like it. Pregnancy and child birth can do a number on a woman's body. It can also do a number on a woman's emotional well-being!

Whether you seek massage for hormonal headaches, sciatica, stress, anxiety or maybe just to stay optimally healthy during pregnancy, I'm here for you!

As a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, I have extra training on how best to serve Mama (and Baby on the way). Using a special cushion, you are able to lie on your stomach while you receive relaxing and refreshing support.

After delivery, massage will help keep swelling in check, will boost your immune system so you heal "down there" quickly, will help your abdominal organs and muscles reposition themselves and will help your hormones ease back to normal.

After a month or two, you may also need a massage for "Mother's Neck"(a painful neck from watching baby nurse), or you may even just need an hour of peace and quiet .


30 minute MamaMassage   $35

60 minute MamaMassage   $65

Induction Massage   $100

(after week 37, with your OBs okay, I perform a massage with the intent of

inducing contractions using acupressure and repetitive strokes)

Massage Packages are also available, so Mama can get massages throughout her pregnancy and after!