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Hopefully now it makes sense why you have to pee every 15 minutes, and why it's hard to breathe sometimes!

My OB/GYN says that discomfort & swelling are just part of pregnancy. Is there really anything you can do for me?

While certain issues certainly are just a part of pregnancy (ie hemorrhoids), massage therapy can help your body stay in "rest and recover" mode instead of the stressful "fight or flight" mode. It can trigger your nervous system to more accurately and efficiently regulate hormones. It can help ease lymphatic swelling in your ankles and calves return the fluid into general circulation instead of pooling. Your joints may get too loose from the production of relaxin and cause pain as tendons and muscles get over stretched, and massage can help soothe the hypersensitivity. Anxiety and stress levels have been shown to decrease, your heart beat becomes more serene, and the pressure gets taken off of your back and lungs making it easier to breathe. All of those things can directly affect the baby in the womb as well, making sure that the little one also benefits from mama getting a massage!

Research has also proven that mamas that receive massage regularly during pregnancy spend less time laboring and are less likely to require inductions or c-sections!

I want this baby OUT! Help Me!

If you have carried your baby full term, & your OB/GYN says it is safe for you to give birth, give me a call! I would be happy to perform techniques that will help your body get ready for the hard work ahead, and I can also help encourage contractions. Of course, if your mind, body or baby are not ready, there is nothing I can do to induce labor. However, if everything and everyone is ready, let's try to beat my record! One of my mamas went into labor on my massage table and was able to deliver her baby within 4 hrs after her massage!

Policy and Pricing Questions

General Office Policies

  • Massage therapists are not doctors, we will not diagnose or prescribe (unless it's in fun, like 'no doing dishes for 24 hours')

  • We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including personal hygiene.

  • We do not participate in any sexual comments or behavior, and will end a session and call the cops if we need to. 

  • Do not show up to a massage appointment under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, please.

  • If you are ill, please stay home.

  • If the weather is bad enough that schools are closed, our office will be too.

  • Be honest about your health history. Some conditions may mean that massage is not safe for you, so we need to know everything, even if it's embarassing or you don't think it has anything to do with massage.

  • If you can't make your appointment, please give as much notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours. Your timeslot may be a perfect fit for someone who has been waiting to get in. Not to mention, we worry when people no-show ("were they in an accident?" "have they fallen and can't get up?" "are they pinned in their house by a rabies infected raccoon?" Also, a bummer for everyone, no-shows affect our bottom line, making it more likely that we would have to increase prices.

  • If you accidentally forget about your appointment and no-show, call as soon as possible to reschedule. If you no-show more than one time, Sheboygan Massage may charge you for your missed session.

Tell me about your pricing.

Sheboygan Massage's prices are competitive with most other massage therapists in the city of Sheboygan. We want to make sure that every person who invests in massage, can afford a GOOD massage. Honestly, if we didn't have families to clothe and feed and insure, we would happily do this work for free! Until we win the lottery, we will take payment for one session at a time, or you can pre-pay for a package of sessions at a discounted rate. Packages can be shared among family members. Gift certificates can also be purchased at the package rate, and each certificate can be given to a different person.


What type of payments do you accept?

Sheboygan Massage accepts Cash, Check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit or Debit cards. If you have an HSA or FSA, check with the prodiving company to see if massage therapy is covered, and we may be able to process that card for payment. We process cards through an online company called Square which is thoroughly confidential. Your card number is not stored on our computer or phone. We have also been known to barter when the situation arises!

Does it Hurt?

Being that we practice massage therapy for pain relief as well as relaxation, we will be looking for sore muscles or tight muscles in order to help them ease out of tension and relearn how to be healthy. Sometimes that can be a little uncomfortable, but we try to keep things hurting 'so good' or feeling so good, instead of hurting 'so bad'. Just speak up right away if we cross over into hurts so bad. If you are seriously uncomfortable and clench your muscles to protect yourself, then your muscles cannot relax, and the massage is not going to do much good. We would be happy to adjust our approach to suit you better. We like to tell people "you are my boss for the next hour. Please tell me if you would like me to work differently. I won't be offended, I want you to feel great when you walk out of my door!"

General Massage Questions

How do I know if massage therapy will work for me?

Give us a call, or shoot us an email about what you have been experiencing, what treatments you have tried, and what your goals are. We can have an honest discussion about whether massage would be a good idea, or if you should seek a different type of care. There are certain conditions that massage should NEVER be used in conjunction with. However, our favorite client is the one who has "tried everything" and nothing works to ease the pain! For everyone, one session will tell you whether our techniques will help you or not. 

Do I have to get naked?

No Way! We leave the room as you undress & use that time to wash our hands. During the massage, you are under a sheet and a blanket (modestly covered), and we only uncover the area we are working on at the time. Because of that, a lot of people feel comfortable taking all of their clothing off, however, many people leave their underpants on. Everything else though should come off in order for us to access your muscles in the most effective way. There is NOTHING sexual about a pain relief or relaxation massage session at Sheboygan Massage, and if things go there, the session will immediately be ended and the police will be called.

Absolutely! We all take notes on all of our sessions, keeping track of what we did and what we found, and if we have your permission to share those notes, we can build on what the others are doing! 

I've been to physical therapy/chiropractic/orthopedic doctor, can you guys work together?

I have a lot of allergies. What kind of stuff do you use in your office?

We use a massage lotion that is hypo-allergenic and unscented. We do not wear perfume, and we do not use essential oils without asking first, even if you are not sensitive. We all have scents that we do not like, even if the majority of people do, and we try to make sure the studio is welcoming to everyone. If the massage lotion ends up bothering your skin, we can also use sesame oil, avocado oil or corn starch.

PreNatal Massage Questions

The Baby is out, when can I start getting massages again?

It is safe to receive massage at any point. I can even come to the hospital to give you a massage prior to discharge! It is really beneficial to receive a massage within the first week or two of giving birth, to help the uterus contract to normal size so that your organs can get back into position, to decrease post partum swelling, to encourage normalization of stress and female hormones, and to ease the discomfort that comes with lack of sleep, carrying a little one, and the crick in the neck that develops from watching baby nurse.

Where do all my guts go when the baby gets big?

I actually get asked this question very frequently by pregnant mamas. It doesn't seem quite as impossible when you see it than when you hear it, so here are some pictures...

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