841 Riverfront Drive

Sheboygan, WI 53081



                          It is our business to care about 

            your health and comfort!

We abide by the same guidelines and regulations that all allied healthcare professionals abide by, like client privacy (HIPPA), regular medical charting, and CDC/WHO recommendations like use of hospital grade disinfectant & other sanitation practices.


  • Sheboygan Massage is only open to healthy clients, and each client will have their forehead temperature taken before their session begins. Massage therapists will need to be healthy as well. Sessions will need to rescheduled if client or therapist has symptoms of illness or a fever.
  •  Sessions will need to be prepaid, and if a session needs to be rescheduled due to illness, the prepaid session will be credited back to your massage account for you to use when you are well.
  • Before a client arrives, all door knobs, tables/massage tables/counter tops, chairs/stools, tablet and other high-touch surfaces will be disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Each client receives clean linens in the treatment room. Comfort padding on the massage table will be disinfected between clients.
  • Every client will be required to wash their hands upon arrival and their massage therapist will wash their hands before and after each client.
  • Massage therapy performed near the client’s head and face will be limited, and the massage therapist will wear a face mask during the entire massage treatment.
  • Only a small number of massage therapy slots are being opened each week, and the maximum number of clients seen in a day will be kept under 5 in order to limit the number of people who pass through the office.